In 1983, Colette Grèves, a hiking and mountain enthusiast from Avignon, left for Nepal. Her encounter with the country, a family and later the whole village of Rigaon, would lead to an incredible story of friendship and mutual support. During her trips, she discovered the isolation and utter destitution in which all the inhabitants of this area live, an area comprising 27 villages.

"I experienced intense emotional moments during this initial contact through the smiles exchanged, tender gestures, outstretched hands offering me grilled corn on the cob, potatoes or an egg. My heart was torn by so much generosity. Very quickly, in my heart and in my mind, I wanted my new friends to have a less harsh life. »

To begin with, Colette learnt how to speak and write Nepali. Then, she continued her travels to Nepal twice a year, persuading her friends to accompany her. In particular, Lucette Pascal and Daniel Bouzat. On 27th March 1987, together with them and other Nepal enthusiasts, she created the Franco Nepalese Cultural Association of Avignon.

The association chose the Rigaon region as its preferred Nepalese land. It became the host site and land of discovery for all the association's members and friends; over the years they would help Colette lift this small region out of its isolation and thus give the inhabitants the chance to look forward to a better future.